Specific Skills

  • Biomechanical Credentials
  • Professional Baseball Instruction
  • Throwing Motion Video Analysis
  • Written Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Coach Training
  • Operational Safety
  • Educational Course Design
  • Amateur Player Career Management
  • Team Organization Analysis
  • Facility Operation and Management
  • Marketing and Creative Communications
  • Video Production
  • Evaluation of Baseball Product Design and Use

Consulting Expert/Expert Witness


John presents Pitching Coach of the Year Award to LSU’s Allan Dunn. At right LSU Head Coach Paul Mainieri

National Leader

John Pinkman is a nationally recognized baseball educator with over 30 years experience, devoting the last 20 years to professional pitching instruction. Collegiate Baseball Magazine describes him as “one of the top pitching coaches in the country.”

In his role as a national leader in the field of training, he selects the College Pitching Coach of the Year and the Teaching Professional of the Year recipients. He also selects from over 300 exhibitors at the American Baseball Coaches Association annual trade show, the top ten baseball products, the “Best in Show.”

Innovative Expert

John is an innovator and nationally recognized expert in video analysis for biomechanical assessments and fundamental throwing improvement. Pinkman Baseball Academy collaborates with medical professionals and is responsible for diagnosing sore arms and related issues in pitching research and development. Former Washington Redskins Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Ray Thal, and Coach Pinkman developed a continuing education course accredited by the National Association of Physical Therapists.

“Many of my patients have benefited from John’s outstanding investigative knowledge of throwing mechanics.” Dr. Ray Thal


Mr. Pinkman is also retained as an expert witness in litigation resulting from player injury. From his experience as a coach and operator of indoor baseball facilities he is able to establish a detailed analysis of appropriate standards of care in management, supervision and training.

John Pinkman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts from William Paterson College. He has produced a television series and is a national columnist, lecturer, and clinician. He currently writes and speaks on pitching, the teaching technologies of professional baseball instruction and baseball school operation.

John is joined in the Pinkman Baseball Academy management team by his two sons Jeff & Pat. Both boys were awarded four year Division One College Scholarships … and yes … they were pitchers.

Experienced Instructor

John Pinkman’s valuable experience in technology, pitching, and biomechanics has provided significant instruction to thousands of parents, students and coaches at all levels of the game including college and professional teams. He has developed innovative programs such as “Marketing Yourself to College Baseball”, pitching and hitting mentorships, and sports vision programming. In the winter of 2008 he introduced a project in cooperation with the United States Naval Academy, the first of several ongoing Athletic Leadership courses. Coach Pinkman is concerned with the whole player and is routinely called upon to counsel both parents and players in all aspects of adolescent development.

In 2011 he formed a non-profit organization, the Project for Athletic Leadership, for the purpose of delivering educational leadership training to young athletes. During that year he began a weekly column devoted to athletic leadership that is published in several publications. He is expected to publish a book on the subject early in 2012.

In 1992 John formed the Pinkman Baseball Academy, Inc. (PBA). PBA operates an indoor baseball academy adjacent to Dulles Airport in Virginia and trains students from ages 6 to 73. During the past several years more than 200 Pinkman Pitchers have moved on to pitch in college (13 in the Ivy League). In 2003, in association with Mike Epstein Hitting, PBA began a rotational hitting program that has dramatically grown in popularity by increased players’ hitting skills.