Credentials: Biomechanical Throwing Analysis

Mr. Pinkman’s credentials in the areas of biomechanical analysis and continued education include the following: Pinkman Baseball is nationally recognized as a leading innovator in baseball training. John Pinkman has coached for over  30 years, 20 as a teaching professional in the discipline of pitching. Pinkman Baseball Academy (PBA) is certified in Basic Pitching Mechanics, Advanced Pitching Mechanics, and Functional Fitness for Pitchers by the National Pitching Association. John-Consults-with-Doctor-1-1024x660Mr. Pinkman is considered an expert in analyzing biomechanical movement leading to the development of sore arms. In this role he is consulted in over 50 orthopedic cases per year. He has and continues to be a featured speaker at baseball clinics throughout the country. He has studied with the Cleveland Indians Director of Strength and Conditioning and the Director of Pitching Development for the Washington Nationals. Mr. Pinkman and/or staff have attended six “Injuries in Baseball Conferences” presented by Dr. James Andrews, American Sports Medicine Institute. He has taught seminars on the biomechanics of pitching in both Fairfax Hospital and Fair Oaks Hospital (in Northern Virginia/metropolitan DC) with Washington Nationals Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. David Johnson, and Washington Redskins Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Ray Thal. Mr. Pinkman’s pitching seminar was credentialed for continuing educational credits by the American Physical Therapy Association. Working in cooperation with the Inova Hospital group, and specifically Inova Physical Therapy, he has taught several in-service seminars to physical therapists on “How to Diagnose Sore Arm Through Digital Video Motion Capture”. He participated with  Dr. Gordy Alderink of Grand Valley State University (Grand Rapids, MI) and the National Institutes of Health Biomechanical Laboratory on advanced research in the biomechanics of throwing specific to force loads on joint integrity in high velocity pitchers. baseball-safety-expert

Seminars – Writing

For over a decade Mr. Pinkman has been published in nationally distributed baseball periodicals and websites such as Collegiate Baseball and He has also written several articles on pitching mechanics for Hardball Magazine, the publication of the Men’s Senior and Men’s Adult Baseball Leagues. These and other articles that Mr. Pinkman has authored over the years can be found on his corporate website.
  • SEMINARS: Fairfax Hospital, Fair Oaks Hospital, Inova Hospital group
  • TOPICS: “How to Diagnose Sore Arm Through Digital Video Motion Capture”.
  • ARTICLES: Pinkman Baseball