Safety Expert: Responding to a Need

Coach Pinkman did not choose a career as an expert witness; the responsibility found him.

Player Safety

Throughout his career in baseball, Coach Pinkman has demonstrated a consistent passion for learning and teaching players and coaches the safest fundamental techniques. His philosophy of training the whole student athlete to become a contributing citizen and future leader extends far beyond building a winning record. In pursuit of that goal he has devoted the last fifteen years of his career to teaching students and parents how play the game. As he has often said, “we are equal opportunity educators.” By discovering the latest scientific facts and increasing his skill as an instructor, he has been able to positively affect the lives of thousands of athletes. Many years ago his passion led him to lead through the written word. As the internet grew many became familiar with his articles on safe play, instruction, and management. As such he has been contacted as an advisor and consultant in many instances. As it relates to assisting lawyers he is able to provide significant support in detailing current best practice.
“I have spent a life time speaking for player safety. I have counseled, warned, and pleaded for increased coaching awareness and training that protects players. Unfortunately my advice, as well as that of others, has often been ignored or cited as inconvenient. Safe play has been marginalized by parents and coaches because winning the moment is much more important; the seduction of passing fame. Subsequently players have received reckless supervision. Whether through a consciously managed system of abuse, irresponsible negligence, or coaching ignorance, the bottom line is unnecessary and preventable harm to children.” John Pinkman

Family Support and Sports Leadership


Working together with family, local and collegiate coaches, and Coach Pinkman, Adam Warren, of the New York Yankees set a record for four years of pitching appearances in the College World Series. Pinkman Student Adam Warren Started with us in high school. Next Stop UNC, then on to Yankees.

  • Pinkman Baseball has assisted more than 200 high school players to fulfill their dream of playing at the college level
  • As a Video Analysis Expert reviews more than 500 player videos each year
  • A counselor to players and their families including medical interpretation and analysis, parenting, educational, and college selection issues
  • As President of Pinkman Baseball, constantly partners and uses the outreach of the Academy to beta test and develop products in baseball equipment, arm conditioning, nutrition, and sports vision

Solid Experience

John Pinkman has over 25 years of experience in baseball training.